Yikai Yin(殷一凯)

Yikai Yin is a fourth-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, also a research assistant in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Before coming to Stanford, Yikai finished his undergraduate education in The Special Class for the Gifted Young of Xi’an Jiaotong University and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Yikai joined ACSSS in 2016, then served as the Vice-president of the Division of Social Activities from 2017 to 2018. He has been involved in many ACSSS major events and successfully directed the 2016 Speed Dating, 2017 Graduation Party, 2017 Welcoming Party,2017 Stanford Chinese Singing Competition etc. and co-supervised the 2018 Spring Festival Gala at Stanford. As the co-president of ACSSS, Yikai aims to further expand the impacts of ACSSS as a Chinese organization at Stanford and dedicates to bringing more fantastic and valuable events to the whole Chinese students and scholars community at Stanford.
殷一凯于2015年入学斯坦福,目前是材料科学与工程专业在读博士生, 同时担任机械工程系研究助理。一凯于15岁考入西安交通大学少年班,本科就读于西安交大机械工程专业。他于2016年加入ACSSS文艺部,后加入2017-2018 ACSSS主席团,曾任文艺部副主席。 一凯曾领导并策划了多项ACSSS大型文艺活动,包括2016 Speed dating,2017毕业晚会, 2017 迎新晚会,2017斯坦福华人歌手大赛以及2018斯坦福狗年春节联欢晚会等。现作为ACSSS联席主席的他,希望能进一步提高ACSSS作为中国学生学者社团的影响力,为斯坦福中国学生学者群体带来更多精彩而富有意义的活动。