Dehan Yu (余德涵)

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Dehan Yu is a second-year master student at Civil and Environmental Engineering, with a concentration on sustainable design and construction. She got her undergraduate degree from University of Washington - Seattle, majored in environmental science and resource management. During her first year of study at Stanford, Dehan has been actively involved in ACSSS major activities such as the Chinese Spring Festival Gala and the graduation party.

余德涵是土木与环境工程学院研究生二年级的学生, 专注于可持续设计与建设。她本科毕业于华盛顿大学西雅图分校,主修环境科学和资源管理。她兴趣爱好广泛,乐于结识新的朋友,活跃于各类活动中。在过去的一年中,参与与协助了ACSSS几大重要活动,包括春节联欢晚会与毕业晚会等。