Yunfan Wu (伍昀凡)

Yunfan Wu is from Xiangtan, Hunan. She received her bachelor degree in University of Science and Technology of China and came to Stanford in fall 2015 for a Ph.D. degree in applied physics. In spring 2017, she joined the Division of Student Life and Sports in ACSSS. In her spare time, she likes rock climbing, hiking, painting and watching videos. Fun fact: she says she enjoys black humor without actually knowing it.
伍昀凡来自于湖南湘潭。本科毕业于中国科学技术大学。在2015年秋季来到斯坦福攻读应用物理博士学位, 2017年春季加入ACSSS生活体育部。生活中她喜欢攀岩,徒步,绘画还有刷剧。