Jihan Zhuang (庄寄涵)

My name is Jihan Zhuang, from Wenzhou, Zhejiang province. I was graduated from Zhejiang University in 2017 and was admitted by Stanford Materials Science and Engineering department in the same year. Currently, I am working in Professor William Chueh’s group, and my research area is the battery. As the VP of ACSSS, I cannot say I am gifted in music and arts, but I have a basic concept of those areas. I learned to play the piano, painting, and GO when I was a teenager. Although I am not an expert in those areas, I can still entertain myself sometimes. Of course, you don’t have to be talented in those areas, just like me, but the most import part is that you must have some enthusiasm for our group, and willing to devote yourself to our group. Since our group is not just for entertainment but tries to hold some really good activities for our students. So I hope we can be a group of responsible and energetic people together. I can also promise to those who want to join us that you will find yourself in our group!

我叫庄寄涵,来自浙江温州。我于2017年从浙江大学毕业,并于同年进入斯坦福大学材料系攻读硕士学位。在斯坦福大学里,我目前在William Chueh课题组工作,所研究的方向是电池。身为文艺部的部长,虽然不能说在音乐艺术方面有一技之长,但是均有涉猎。从小到大学过钢琴、绘画、围棋等等。虽然不是专家,但是闲暇之余能够自娱自乐。当然,在文艺部,你不一定需要有这些方面的才能,最重要的是要一颗热爱这个集体,愿意为这个集体出力的一份心。因为文艺部不是只是做做表面文章的一个部门,而是需要踏踏实实举办各种活动的部门。因此,我希望我能和我的部员一起成为一个有责任心,有热情的人。同时,我也能够向即将加入我们的你承诺,你来到文艺部之后会发现一个不一样的自己!