Ying Wang (王莹)

Aug 22,2018

Hi, my name is Ying Wang. I am a postdoc at Vascular Surgery, and this is my second year at Stanford. I graduated from the University of British Columbia, Canada. Stanford has surprised me not only by its research environment but also by its infrastructure that supports the professional development of postdocs. I have been so lucky to meet a lot of you that have inspired my work and life in the past, whether it is at the ACSSS Postdoc Summer BBQ, or at one of the other 40 events we’ve organized last year.
I deeply appreciate your engagement in our community, and I am more than pleased and delighted to share with you my vision of the ACSSS postdocs. I will emphasize “Diversity and Inclusion” during my term of service. That is to: 1. Extend the access of our resources and platforms to all Chinese postdocs at Stanford; 2. Enhance the communications of Chinese postdocs from multidisciplinary backgrounds; 3. Exchange our ideas and concerns with other postdoc communities at Stanford. As a start, we have successfully obtained funding from SURPASS to hold monthly workshops that are tailored to help us overcome verbal and cultural obstacles in effective communication in science, and also to foster networking and collaboration among Chinese postdocs.  As always, our goal is to help each other to enrich our experience at Stanford. I know that you are working hard on your projects, and we hope that our career fairs, workshops, and symposiums will be continued to help to maximize your time here.
If you have any thought of how we could do better, or you are interested in joining our committee, please feel free to contact me by yingwl@stanford.edu, or simply show up at our events. It is your community!

首先我要感谢大家对博后部这个大家庭的支持,也想分享一下我个人对她未来发展的期望。在接下来的一年中,我将侧重于“融入与多样化”。具体来说就是:1. 拓宽博后部的信息资源交流平台,让更多的中国博后能够受益;2. 发展各领域博后之间的跨专业交流与合作; 3. 促进中国博后与斯坦福其他博后团体之间的来往。为此,在传承博后部传统活动的同时,我们也获得SURPAS的资助,在陆续开展专门为中国博后量身定做的研讨会,旨在帮助博后在学术交流的过程中克服语言和文化上的障碍,增强各专业中国博后之间的互动。我们一如既往的目标是:和大家一起让我们在斯坦福的工作生活更加充实。希望我们的各项活动能让平日辛勤工作的中国博后们收到最大的回报。
如果你对斯坦福博后部活动有好的建议,或者想加入我们,可直接通过yingwl@stanford.edu 联系我,或者直接参与到我们的活动中来。这是我们共同的社区!